Fall 2024
GEOG696F Advanced Methods and Techniques [draft syllabus] [Github]
GC 695G Global Change Toolkit

Spring 2024
GEOG430/530 The Climate System [syllabus]

Fall 2023

GEOG696C Spatiotemporal Data Analysis (Physical Geography) [Github] [syllabus]
GC 695G Global Change Toolkit

Other Courses
GEOG170A Earth's Environment: Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG230 Our Changing Climate
GEOG696C State-of-the-Art in Climate Science (Physical Geography seminar) [flyer] [readings]
GEOG696M Geography and Dendrochronology - Hydroclimatology [flyer] [Syllabus]
GEOG699-013 Topics in Paleobiogeography (Independent Study) [Readings]