Past Landscapes Lab Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Past Landscapes Lab is dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable intellectual and physical space for research and inquiry, one in which all our members, collaborators, visitors, and our broader community can participate fully, regardless of age, race, disability, gender, genetic information, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability or appearance, veteran status, socio-economic status, national origin and citizenship. We strongly reject discrimination of any kind and we condemn harassment in all its forms.

We recognize that the earth and environmental sciences reflect systemic inequalities that have created and perpetuate a lack of diversity in our community and discipline1,4. We recognize that this unjust condition also limits and undermines scientific progress and the process of discovery2. In addition to leading to better and more meaningful science, diversity, equity, and inclusion strengthen our lab and university community and are necessary to dismantle systemic inequalities. We seek to create a laboratory and community where all are welcomed, recognized, supported, and appreciated3. We take responsibility for ensuring that all our work -- research, education, and outreach -- is guided by the values of equity and inclusion for all.

In the Past Landscapes Lab we are committed to attracting and retaining talented, innovative, and creative students, researchers, and staff. We believe that interaction and collaboration among people with different perspectives, values, and backgrounds enhance the possibilities for sustained intellectual inquiry and positive social impact. We seek to create an environment that respects the dignity, civil rights, lived experience, and academic freedom of all the Lab’s members, collaborators, and visitors, and we recognize this as fundamental to our work and our profession.

Our Lab's statement is inspired by and adopted from the statements on diversity, equity, and inclusion from the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavior Sciences, the University of Arizona School of Geography and Development, and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Science (UCAR). The first and current version (January 2019) of this statement was written by Talia Anderson, Bethany Coulthard, Julie Edwards, Jonathan King, Jessie Pearl, and Kevin Anchukaitis.